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Important News

February 19th is the Next Intake!

Since we do not run during the summer (we finish at the end of June), each intake from this point on will provide less than the regular 18 weeks to complete a course. For the February 19th intake, you will have 15 weeks.

It is still very possible to finish a course in this time, but apply now if you want to receive the maximum number of weeks.

See you soon!

event 2/6/20

Next Intake is February 5th!

This is the intake for people who want to start at the beginning of semester 2. This is also the last intake that will allow you a full semester of time to complete your course (since we finish at the end of June).

We look forward to helping you reach your educational goals!

event 1/10/20

Next intake is on January 8th!

Time really flies! The next intake is in the year 2020! We are now accepting applications for the January 8th intake, and we hope to hear from you soon!

event 12/9/19

December 4th is the Next Intake!

December 4th is the last intake of 2019, so take a look at what we have on offer. Nothing keeps you warmer in the winter than working on a course!

event 11/18/19

November 13th is Our Next Intake!

This is the second last intake before the Christmas break, so take a look to see what we have on offer. Apply today!

event 10/23/19

October 23rd is the Next Intake!

We have a new intake every three weeks, and the next intake is on October 23rd.

event 10/1/19

Next Intake is October 2nd!

Happy Fall! Why not get ready for winter by taking a course with us?

event 9/23/19

The 2019-20 School Year is Upon us!!

The first intake is on September 4th, so take a look to see what we have on offer!

event 8/26/19

Have a Happy and Safe Summer!

Registration for the 2019-20 school year will open on July 29th. We hope to hear from you then!

event 6/28/19

That's it for This School Year!

Open School registration is now closed for the 2018/19 school year. Please visit us again in August if you are interested in applying for the 2019/20 school year.

event 5/3/19

The Final Intake is May 1st!!

This will be your last chance to get into a course before September of the next school year!

event 4/18/19

April 17th is the Next Intake for Courses

The year is winding down, but there is still time to complete a course!

event 3/26/19

The Next Open School Intake is March 26th!

There is still some time to complete a course in this school year, and the next intake will take place after the March Break.

event 2/27/19

Next Intake is February 26th!

This year is moving quickly, so don't hesitate! February 26th is the next intake.

event 2/5/19

February 4th is the Next Intake!

The next Open School Ontario intake is on February 4th and is the last intake that allows for a full 18 week course timeline.

event 1/17/19

January 11th is the Next Intake!

The first intake of the new year is January 11th.

event 12/12/18

Decemeber 6th is Our Next Intake!

Nothing says "holidays" better than starting a new course!

event 11/15/18

November 14th is the Next Intake!

We are now accepting applications for the November 14th intake. Apply today!

event 10/25/18

The Next Intake is October 23rd!

Math, Science, and Senior English courses are Available.

event 10/1/18

Next Intake is October 1st!

Take a look at the courses we have on offer!

event 9/13/18