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Important News

December 4th is the Next Intake!

December 4th is the last intake of 2019, so take a look at what we have on offer. Nothing keeps you warmer in the winter than working on a course!

event 11/18/19

November 13th is Our Next Intake!

This is the second last intake before the Christmas break, so take a look to see what we have on offer. Apply today!

event 10/23/19

October 23rd is the Next Intake!

We have a new intake every three weeks, and the next intake is on October 23rd.

event 10/1/19

Next Intake is October 2nd!

Happy Fall! Why not get ready for winter by taking a course with us?

event 9/23/19

The 2019-20 School Year is Upon us!!

The first intake is on September 4th, so take a look to see what we have on offer!

event 8/26/19

Have a Happy and Safe Summer!

Registration for the 2019-20 school year will open on July 29th. We hope to hear from you then!

event 6/28/19

That's it for This School Year!

Open School registration is now closed for the 2018/19 school year. Please visit us again in August if you are interested in applying for the 2019/20 school year.

event 5/3/19

The Final Intake is May 1st!!

This will be your last chance to get into a course before September of the next school year!

event 4/18/19

April 17th is the Next Intake for Courses

The year is winding down, but there is still time to complete a course!

event 3/26/19

The Next Open School Intake is March 26th!

There is still some time to complete a course in this school year, and the next intake will take place after the March Break.

event 2/27/19

Next Intake is February 26th!

This year is moving quickly, so don't hesitate! February 26th is the next intake.

event 2/5/19

February 4th is the Next Intake!

The next Open School Ontario intake is on February 4th and is the last intake that allows for a full 18 week course timeline.

event 1/17/19

January 11th is the Next Intake!

The first intake of the new year is January 11th.

event 12/12/18

Decemeber 6th is Our Next Intake!

Nothing says "holidays" better than starting a new course!

event 11/15/18

November 14th is the Next Intake!

We are now accepting applications for the November 14th intake. Apply today!

event 10/25/18

The Next Intake is October 23rd!

Math, Science, and Senior English courses are Available.

event 10/1/18

Next Intake is October 1st!

Take a look at the courses we have on offer!

event 9/13/18

First Intake September 10th

event 8/22/18